Yoga has multiple benefits for human health, in physical, mental and spiritual level. It is recommended by doctors for orthosomy, injury rehabilitation and relief from pain in the spine and joints. Also, psychologists suggest yoga in order to combat anxiety and depression, and it is also recommended by teachers to increase concentration and discipline of children. Yoga is a great exercise option for everyone, from ordinary trainees, pregnant women, to elderly and athletes.


  • Immediate relief from multiple stressors agents of everyday life
  • Increased energy, wellness, vitality and immediate rejuvenation of mind
  • Increased metabolism at rest
  • Equable strengthening and toning of muscle tissue, through dynamic body strengthening exercises
  • Increased bone strength
  • Improvement of blood circulation, flexibility and elasticity, by stretching exercises
  • Extension of youth
  • Improved overall fitness
  • Increased muscle sculpting
  • Fat burning
  • Increased self-control and meditation

A yoga session consists of a combination of postures (asanas) that improve breathing, balance, strength, flexibility, body control and mind.

The performance of asanas is mostly static, achieving isometric muscle contraction and passive stretching during application. This offers some important advantages.

  • Security during exercise
  • More control and correction of proper alignment, so that orthosomy is promoted
  • Breathing is conscious, rhythmic and effortless
  • Muscles can relax into the posture
  • Gaze and attention are focused
  • Disturbances of the mind are suppressed
  • Connection with your inner world

Aerial Yoga

Everyone can practice Aerial Yoga, even those who have never done Yoga before. You can improve your fitness by having fun at the same time!

With the right guidance and the proper placement of the hammock on your body, we succeed the opening of the chest for better breathing, the relaxation of the neck, the correct spinal alignment and the decompression of the waist. Each program is different, depending on the physical condition and any special features of each trainee, so it can be either more powerful or more therapeutic.

With aerial yoga you can achieve physical strength, increase flexibility and balance. We learn the correct alignment of the body but also increase our mobility and releasing blockages our body accumulates, due to the conditions of our everyday life.

It is one the most fun ways to improve our physical condition. One of its most important advantages is that we tackle the fear of reverse exercises (vertical, sirsasana etc.), as well as we exercise above the ground. The sense of “flying” creates the ultimate feeling of freedom! It offers us smiles and real fun!