Rules & Regulations

1. Club Name

The Studio is known as Ananea Pilates + Yoga with three locations, one in Glyfada (Gounari 80) and one in Kolonaki (Deinokratous 3) and one in Chaidari (Kerasountos 24).

2. Objective

Ananea Pilates + Yoga was established in order to provide a social environment with recreational and exercise amenities for its members.

3. Membership

Rights A member may make use of the facilities provided by the management, subject to the Rules, Regulations and Bylaws of Ananea Pilates + Yoga and to use and enjoy them in common with other members. All matters, financial and otherwise, concerning the Rules, Regulations, bylaws and operations of Ananea Pilates + Yoga are the responsibility of the management who may from time to time amend or replace such Rules, Regulations and Bylaws.

4. Membership

For someone to become a member of Ananea Pilates + Yoga it is required to be above the age of 18. Guardian’s consent must be obtained for those under the age of 18.

5. Guests

It is our policy not to offer free classes to guests. In any case, if a guest wishes to join a session he / she will have to pay a fee.

6. Fees

Each Member shall pay a fee applicable to the sessions chosen. A member can only use the services for which he / she has paid and will be charged the appropriate amount for any above those used.

7. Expulsion of members

The management may, if it considers that (i) any member conducts himself or herself in any way injurious to Ananea Pilates + Yoga or contrary to its interests (ii) any member is in breach of any of the provisions of these bylaws or any applicable rules or regulations. A member who has been expelled from Ananea Pilates + Yoga shall no longer have any rights, benefits or privileges of membership and shall cease to be entitled to use the facilities.


• Members must dress appropriately and wear indoor sports shoes. Also, they must carry a towel for personal use and to wipe equipment after the sessions.
• The instructor is authorized to stop anyone from joining or continuing a class if he or she is judged unfit.
• If deemed necessary, the management reserves the right to cancel classes without prior notice.
• Attachments for machines should be properly removed and placed back at their initial position after usage.
• For your own safety, entry will be refused to the class ten minutes after its start.
• Physician or cardiologist certificate is required to complete your registration .
• For your own peace of mind, mobile phones are not allowed in the classes.


• Members are advised to inquire at reception and for class times and details.

• Members must cancel their place in a class 24 hours before it begins. Late cancellations are against our policy and in this case the session will be considered lost. Cancellations can be made either online or by phone ONLY during the reception working hours.

• Should classes be full, the management reserves the right to exclude members who have not booked their seat. A member can book a seat by phone or at
• The management reserves the right to cancel a session without prior notice, if such is deemed necessary. Schedule is subject to change anytime.
• Each session package should be completed within the specified time period. After that, the sessions are considered lost.
• The studios are closed during the period of August and all national and public holidays. If subscriptions coincide with the aforementioned days, the company is not obliged to freeze or to transfer the date of expiration or to compensate in any way the member.

Changing Rooms

• Lockers are only available for the duration of your visit. No long-term locker spaces are available.
• The management and its representatives will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings left in the lockers.
• Found items will be held at the reception desk.

Alteration of applicable Rules and Regulations

The management may from time to time alter, amend, modify, add to, vary or replace these Bylaws or any applicable rules and regulations for the time being in force. Every such alteration, amendment modification, addition, variation or replacement shall take effect on such date as the management may prescribe and shall be binding on all the members until they are revoked.