Pilates is a training method famous throughout the western world for the amazing results it offers to your body!

It is suitable for everyone, for people of all ages and fitness level. The course is adapted in such way, so it can meet the needs of an athlete or train someone who has never exercised in his life before.

By practicing pilates, you can very soon have a sculpted and strong body!

In brief:

  • It strengthens the body and improves flexibility.
  • Pilates is also called “body sculpture” because it quickly sculpts the body, creating long and strong muscles.
  • It promotes orthosomy, meaning correct posture.
  • It is ideal for people with musculoskeletal problems.
  • It prevents future injuries, by correcting muscle imbalances that exist in the body.
  • It helps to fight stress.
  • It improves proper breathing.


Pilates mat is being practiced on the ground, using body weight as resistance or a number of work-out props such as ball, ring, rubber bands, dumbbells etc. It is ideal for those who like to work in a group, with a wide variety of exercises.


It is being practiced with the use of the reformer and tower in small groups up to six people. The resistances of these special machines are growing challenge, creating impressive results. It is ideal for those who want to see results soon, for those who cannot spend more than two hours a week in exercise and for injury rehabilitation.


Personal training sessions. Ideal for beginners, for those who want to achieve specific goals, for people with injuries or specific diseases (such as MS) who need a more personalized program.