Personal Training

Personal Training is an effective and fun way to train under the guidance of a coach, to achieve specific goals on your body. Its success is based on the combination of [...]

Kids Aerial Yoga

Kids Aerial Yoga Kids Aerial Yoga is a training system specifically designed and tailored to the children needs, which combines kids’ yoga, partner/acro yoga, music-kinetic education and [...]


Pilates is a training method famous throughout the western world for the amazing results it offers to your body! It is suitable for everyone, for people of all ages [...]

Prenatal Pilates

The period of pregnancy is a magical process, a wonderful and unforgettable experience for every woman! Once the conception takes place, the female body undergoes progressive changes and adjustments in order [...]


Yoga has multiple benefits for human health, in physical, mental and spiritual level. It is recommended by doctors for orthosomy, injury rehabilitation and relief from pain in the spine and joints. [...]

TRX & Functional Training

Even if you have no previous exercise experience, your fitness is "low" or even if you are at a top level, TRX can help you. It's a workout that adapts to all levels! Using [...]

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals

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