About us

“Live the absolute fitness experience and rediscover the brand-new you, at Ananea Pilates + Yoga health fitness studios, located in Glyfada.


Using the latest fitness methods, the owner Niki Papanikolaou, a fervent supporter of well-being herself, will introduce you to the wellness philosophy in all its dimensions, and lead you to the way of body and spirit renewal and regeneration.

From the very first moment at Ananea Pilates + Yoga, you will feel like home. Make exercise part of your everyday life, in an atmospheric, intimate environment, where energy is the protagonist, exercise turns into the most fun activity and the insistence on quality is reflected in the results on you.

Transform your body with the method of Pilates. Feel the benefits of Yoga inside and out. Sense the feeling of freedom on the hammocks of Aerial Yoga. Regain your strength and fitness with functional training. At Ananea Pilates + Yoga, whether you choose personal training, or you join one of our small groups, rest assured that exercise will be converted into the must-do activity of your everyday life!

Also, do not miss the experience of Pilates equipment (Reformer & Tower), at our specially designed studios, in order to enjoy a unique sense of physical relaxation and wellness.

At Ananea Pilates + Yoga, we know that your needs are different, so we offer to you fully personalized training programs.

Surrender in the hands of our experienced and certified coaches, be part of our company and enjoy our fully organized and our well-appointed studios, choosing among our special packages.

Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

Join us at Ananea Pilates + Yoga!”